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Icon Meanings

When browsing profiles you will see a number of different icons displayed. This is a list of their meanings:

Home - Teacher travels to you.

Place of Business - Student travels to teacher.

Online - Lessons are conducted online.

BC - National Crime Background Checked.

Private Class - One on One tuition.

Group Class - Two or more in a class.

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Important : When taking lessons, always inform someone close to you when and where you are meeting the teacher, and what time to expect you. Do not leave your child alone with a teacher, even if they have no prior criminal record to ensure the safety of your child.

Top Reviews

I found Linda to be very passionate about teaching piano, and I am very happy that she is my teacher!

Review for Linda D. by Irene N. - 22/05/2018
Piano Lessons - Brooklyn

Jason is an excellent guitar teacher. He was very patient and enthusiastic. I recommend him!

Review for Jason D. by Sarah A. - 22/05/2018
Guitar Lessons - Queens

My child Mark has had three math lessons with Laura so far and I can see that he has already made some improvements. He is actually excited to go...

Review for Laura C. by Sherry T. - 21/05/2018
Jazz Voice Lessons - Manhattan

Strongly recommended, Karen is a fantastic Spanish tutor. I'm no longer worried about my upcoming trip to Spain thanks to her lessons!

Review for Karen J. by John D. - 21/05/2018
Spanish Lessons - Brookhaven

Excellent French tutor - our daughter is extremely happy with her and has achieved immense progress.

Review for Brandon K. by Sharron T. - 20/05/2018
French Lessons - Bronx

Student Recognition

Sarah you did so well at your recital, I'm so proud of you!

Recognition for Sarah D. by Michael P. - 22/05/2018
English Lessons - Hempstead

Glad to see all your hard work paid off, Andrew. Congratulations on your high grades!

Recognition for Andrew C. by Calvin F. - 21/05/2018
Singing Lessons - Yonkers

It's an absolute pleasure teaching you to play the violin, Angie. You are an incredibly talented child.

Recognition for Angie H. by Jane M. - 21/05/2018
Violin Lessons - Buffalo

Aiden, you are gifted with a wonderful singing voice and I am honored to be helping you hone your talent. Eager to hear more from you!

Recognition for Aiden S. by Louie H. - 20/05/2018
Singing Lessons - Rochester

I'm very lucky to have had Ian as a student and to have met his wonderfully supportive family. Congratulations for getting into your dream college...

Recognition for Ian B. by Jonathan L. - 20/05/2018
Violin Lessons - Staten Island

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