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Browse through our list of teachers to find the most suitable SAT Tutor for you! There are SAT Tutors in your area offering home tuition, group classes, and even online tutoring. Each of our listed SAT Tutor has been chosen carefully based on their qualifications and experience, so you can make a decision based entirely on your preferences! Our tutors are looking forward to helping you with SAT Tutoring and Preparation!

I'm proud to say that I've gotten 2380 out of 2400 on my SAT thanks to my methods of studying, which have proven to also be highly effective for my students. Combined with my patience as a tutor, and test-taking strategies that I impart, I'm certain that any student who takes my lessons will become more confident and prepared to take their SATs. I teach in Rochester, Area, and it's up to you if you prefer to have lessons at my home or if you'd rather have home tuition. 

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Are you looking for a private tutor to help your child with their SATs? I am a teacher in Rochester, Area offering prep courses for students who want to learn effective strategies for test-taking. Of course the lessons I offer also include actually understanding the concepts of each subject. I've been tutoring students for various students, usually for math and English. To make the private lessons more convenient for both you and the student, I am offering home tutoring. Please don't hesitate to send me an inquiry if you are interested. Thank you!

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Hello! I'm a teacher who truly enjoys spending time with students, getting to know them, and addressing their needs for certain subjects. Test preparation can be really intimidating but I am fully equipped with the necessary skills to ace an exam, from concentration, wrong answer elimination, to the proper pacing, all of which I am willing to pass on to your child. I've been a full-time tutor in Rochester, Area and SAT preparation is my specialty. Hit the inquire button if you're interested in taking a prep course with me. I'd love to have a chat!

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About SAT Tutoring

Are you considering SAT tutoring to help you with your SATs? You’re making the right choice! SAT preparation is taken very seriously by many parents and students, given that many colleges require them for admission. At the very least, it could help you stand out in college admissions and job applications. SAT tutoring could help you become better prepared for the test. You might even be surprised if it unlocks potential you never thought you had! If you are ready to work with a private tutor, you can find a list of SAT tutors through Classes A to Z!


SAT Trivia

  • The first SAT was given on 23 June 1926 and was far more difficult than today’s version.
  • The meaning of SAT changed several times, from Scholastic Aptitude Test to the Scholastic Assessment Test. It was changed the first time due to controversy about how the SAT tested “aptitude”. Because “assessment” and “test” are redundant, the College Board decided in 1997 that SAT was just the name of the test and not an abbreviation for anything.
  • The new SAT only debuted on March 2016.

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How to find SAT lessons near you


Need help with your academics? It's easy to find the right SAT lessons that suit your needs and your budget! All you have to do is perform the search on Classes A to Z and chose among our vast selection of teachers offering the private lessons you need. To do a search, enter the type of music lesson you're looking for in the Type of Lesson search box. Enter your Area or Postcode on the box beside it and click Search. For SAT lessons in Rochester enter SAT as the lesson type and Rochester or your postcode in the area section then click Search.

A list of teachers offering SAT lessons in Rochester will appear. You'll be able to see a short description about each teacher, the types of lessons they offer, and whether they teach at their location, the student's home, or online. 

Once a teacher catches your eye, click View Profile for more information. You'll be able to see the tutor's history, qualifications, and even feedback from their students. These details are available in order to help you decide if they're the tutor you're looking for!

Online SAT Lessons Available

Using technology to your advantage is a great way to minimize time wasted on traveling and take advantage of the growing trend of online learning. You will still be learning from a live SAT tutor, but you'll be doing it via Skype!

All you need is a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a working camera, microphone, and speakers, and internet with minimum speed of 1Mbps for download and 0.5Mbps for upload. You will also need to be in a quiet room to ensure that you can have your SAT lessons online without any interruptions. Never again will you have to miss your SAT lessons even when you're on a holiday!

Tutors offering online SAT lessons will have the Online icon on their profile.

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