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Have a look around our list of Acoustic Guitar Teachers to find the one who suits you best! It's easy to see whether the Acoustic Guitar Teacher is offering home tuition, group classes, and online lessons. Each listed Acoustic Guitar Teacher is qualified and ready to help you with your Acoustic Guitar Lessons & Classes!


I am a full-time tutor in Music. I can teach one-on-one or small groups. I am very passionate about music and I love to share my own knowledge and skills when it comes to musical instruments. I have been playing the acoustic guitar for 15 years.  I had formal training from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. I took up Bachelor of Music Major in Applied Music. I’ve been a music teacher for leading schools in the US for 10 years before I became a full-time online tutor. I have taught kids and adults and all of them have great love for acoustic guitars ever since. If you wish to inquire about my lessons don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me a message.

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Trace R. - Acoustic Guitar

1 Hour
Online Private

Do you know that guitar is one of the easiest and sexiest instruments to play? I should know because I used it to win my partner's heart (married now, with two kids!). If you heard guitars being played before (which you most likely have because it is being played almost everywhere), you'll know what I am talking about. The melodies it produce, the way it is being played, all of these make the guitar a wonderful musical instrument. Learn how to play the guitar to impress someone and make them fall in love with you! Contact me for more inquiries. 

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Trycia H. - Acoustic Guitar

1 Hour
Online Private

Dedicate your music to yourself, to others, and to God! As someone who was taught how to play the guitar since I was young, I have been very passionate about this particular musical instrument for literally majority of my life. When I was in middle school, I became part of the music club and my skills and knowledge in playing the guitar was enhanced. In high school, I joined our church's choir and was later assigned to playing the guitar. I started teaching my brother how to play, then my neighbors' children who really enjoyed lessons with me. This has led me to offer my lessons online!!

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Lesly H. - Acoustic Guitar

1 Hour
Online Private

About Acoustic Guitar Lessons & Teachers

Acoustic guitar lessons sure are fun and exciting! If you ever make the (right) decision of looking for a private acoustic guitar teacher, you'll be well on your way to learning the basics of the instrument from rhythm, soloing, fingerpicking, and more! Eventually you'll find yourself jamming with your acoustic guitar teacher and with your friends! Find a fully-qualified and experienced guitar teacher offering tailored acoustic guitar lessons through Classes A to Z.


Acoustic Guitar Trivia

  • A bass guitar can be acoustic.
  • Acoustic guitars are created with large hollow bodies in order to amplify the sound created when strumming the strings.
  • There are three types of modern acoustic guitars. These are classical, steel string, and archtop.
  • Acoustic guitars were used as rhythm instruments in the medieval times.

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How to find Acoustic Guitar lessons near you


It's easy to find the right Acoustic Guitar lessons that suits your needs and your budget! All you have to do is perform the search on Classes A to Z and chose among our vast selection of teachers offering the private lessons you need. To do a search, enter the type of music lesson you're looking for in the Type of Lesson search box. Enter your Area or Postcode on the box beside it and click Search. For Acoustic Guitar lessons in Schenectady enter Acoustic Guitar as the lesson type and Schenectady or your postcode in the area section then click Search.

A list of teachers offering Acoustic Guitar lessons in Schenectady will appear. You'll be able to see a short description about each teacher, the types of lessons they offer, and whether they teach at their location, the student's home, or online. 

Once a teacher catches your eye, click View Profile for more information. You'll be able to see the tutor's history, qualifications, and even feedback from their students. These details are available in order to help you decide if they're the tutor you're looking for!

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons Available

Using technology to your advantage is a great way to minimize time wasted on traveling and take advantage of the growing trend of online learning. You will still be learning from a live Acoustic Guitar tutor, but you'll be doing it via Skype!

All you need is a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a working camera, microphone, and speakers, and internet with minimum speed of 1Mbps for download and 0.5Mbps for upload. You will also need to be in a quiet room to ensure that you can have your Acoustic Guitar lessons online without any interruptions. Never again will you have to miss your Acoustic Guitar lessons even when you're on a holiday!

Tutors offering online Acoustic Guitar lessons will have the Online icon on their profile.

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